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About David Fulton

Hi everyone!!

Remember when you first fell in love with photography? For me it was when I took a photo of a bee on a flower.  Simple, right?  But that one photograph 45 years ago forever changed my life. I was in high School and signed up for a photography course. Like any great teacher, my teacher had a passion for photography and I soon was consumed in the world of photography.  I would spend hours in the darkroom at school and eventually built my own darkroom in a closet in my house…and as the saying goes, “The rest is history!!”

I love teaching my workshops and when I hear a student say, “Oh yeah! Now I get it!”, that is what it is all about!

While living in Cordova, Alaska, I led photography workshops and worked with Frommer’s on one of their travel books (I encourage you to add Prince William Sound to your bucket list). It was my first time dealing with editors, and there was a bit of a steep learning curve, but the editor was great and understood it was my first time being published.

Then I moved to Louisiana and taught dozens of workshops, mostly portrait workshops, as I was doing portrait work and wedding photography at the time. Free advice: when a bride tells you that say she is not photogenic, pass it on to another photographer that is just starting.

For the past dozen years, I have been coming to Costa Rica and now live here permanently in this wonderful country!

When I first started to come to Costa Rica my bread-and-butter was real estate photography for high end clients. I currently host photography tours in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula and sell my prints to editors all over the world. Yes I have done all types of photography and want to share my passion and knowledge with like-minded people. If you love photography and want to make it a career, then you must have the mind set that it is a job. You have to put in the time like anything else to make it work. If you are hobbyist photographer, you will also love this photo retreat as you will learn a tremendous amount about your camera, photography and Costa Rica.

I have taught several workshops here before.  Here is a brief overview of the topics we will cover (it is a pretty intense workshop with a lot to learn, but we will also have fun – we will all be in Costa Rica after all):

  • I will show you everything about your camera (settings for different conditions).  I have owned Canons, Nikon and currently shoot with Sony, so do not worry what camera you own as I will show you everything about it.
  • I will teach you how to take the shot right the first time.
  • We will be doing lots of field work using your camera after each classroom session.
  • We will get in-depth about compositions  rule of thirds , the mind reads left to right, how to put in a lead in the photograph so the viewer will follow it into the photograph.
  • We will work on digital solutions/editing software such as Photoshop, website building and how to get on the first page of Google.
  • I will provide recommendations on how to get clients and how to get published
  • How to get clients and a client base.

Yep! It is pretty cool stuff!

Now, my favorite photography is nature. Maybe it is because of the impact that single bee on a flower had over me in high school. Or maybe, and more likely, it is because I live in one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. Costa Rica is a photographers dream!

The class is limited so sign up early, and lets live photography 24/7


David Fulton

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